As the Founder and CEO of Pearl Concierge Services, Lauren has more than 25 years of eclectic work experience and expertise that has set the stage for the work she loves doing today... simplifying her clients' lives.

Lauren began her career as a Talent Manager guiding and overseeing the hectic and demanding schedules of celebrities. She then moved into the crazy, creative, deadline-driven world of entertainment advertising - researching, copy writing and working with all of the major Hollywood studios.     

Recruited to help launch an International import/export business, Lauren dealt with the complex processes of international business and shipments to and from China. Once that business was off and running successfully, she became a Legal Recruiter for Partners in law firms.

Lauren certainly is an expert on juggling the demands of home, work and life. With all of her professional endeavors, nothing was and is closer to her heart than raising her 4 wonderful children who now have some amazing careers of their own!

Her first hand knowledge of how tough it is to try to do it all, ability to find calm in the storm and Professional Multi-Tasking abilities made her sought after by friends and colleagues. Lauren often lent them a helping hand. She found that helping them simplify their lives was her passion, and the seed for Pearl Concierge Services was born.

Our clients come from every walk of life. Whether we are assisting a Corporate Professional who needs a temporary personal assistant or a Working Mom who needs her To Do list done or someone who needs help while recuperating from surgery...our goal is simple - to simplify our client's life.  

So let Pearl Concierge Services simplify your life today!