Do the Worst Thing First

Tis the season of joy but I see a lot of people more stressed out than during the other 11 months put together. A LOT of expectations running around our heads right about now. So much to do and it seems that no matter how much we do we never feel like we are getting anything accomplished.

So, Stop! Yes, stop! Right in the middle of buying & wrapping, stuffing & stamping, planning & cooking!

Make a list (and yes, you will be checking it twice…in fact you will be checking it every day from now on!)

Make a list tonight for tomorrow. Start it off with the WORST, most dreaded, awful THING you REALLY DON’T WANT TO DO!!!

You’ll find that even writing it down sends shivers up and down your spine but wrap yourself in a blankie and drink some tea or whatever you need to do…just take that step and commit the deed to paper.

Don't stop... add to your list. Brainstorm and write down everything else you need and want to accomplish tomorrow. NOW GO TO SLEEP!

When you wake up…yes, you guessed it…now you need to actually DO the worst thing…first thing in the morning! Make that call, file that paper, go to the gym...whatever you have been avoiding you will now look squarely in the eye!

Get it over with and you will be amazed…the rest of the day is easier!!!! It’s icing, it’s a cake walk, it’ get the idea! Nothing will be as bad as the thing you avoided and dreaded and now it is still the morning and it's DONE! You can even take a moment to treat yourself because you deserve it!

And tomorrow you get to do the worst thing first thing again! There is always a worst thing and then there is ALWAYS that wonderful, relieved, weight lifted off your shoulders feeling that follows!