My wonderful kids and I were sharing holiday memories earlier today. Funny the different things that stick in each person's mind. The memories may be different for each matter. All that matters is that memories are made.

If the season goes by without a night of caroling or sitting together watching a holiday classic on TCM or baking holiday treats with your kids & grandkids, then you are missing out on the TRUE joy of the season...the True Joy of LIFE!

It's easy to get caught up in the mechanics of the, cooking, buying, wrapping. At the end of it all, it can be a big blur! But don't worry! Worrying just takes time and energy! Here's the easy solution...

Right now, go get your calendar & a pen! Make a list of specific memories you’d like to create and schedule them into your calendar just like any other appointment. It's a great time to think about what really matters and what really doesn't! Think about what you have to do and what someone else can do for you! It's a great time to DELEGATE!

When you SCHEDULE, PLAN AND ORGANIZE time to make are SHOWING yourself and your loved ones who and what is really important! You know, it's that "actions speak louder than words" thing! So think of who and what. Then figure out when and WRITE IT DOWN. Send emails, make calls or stick Post-Its on doors. Whatever it takes, be sure memory time is on their calendars too. It may seem cold, calculated and business-like now but when you are cuddled together with your loved ones it will be so warm! And so memorable!!!

Keep it going. Don't stop when the holidays are over. Memories are made year round as long as you make time to make them!