Happy? NEW Year...

New isn’t always comfortable. In fact, often it is often UNCOMFORTABLE!

Even when a change is better, we tend to avoid it. There is a feeling of safety in what we know and we like to feel safe and in control.

Truth is, what we know is sometimes far from safe. It can cost us time, money and peace of mind. In it's most extreme forms, it can even be dangerous to our well being.

So how do we move on, keep our resolutions, improve ourselves and our lives without going
CRAZY and abandoning our very good intentions???

1. Breathe…keep breathing!

2. Find a mentor, friend, good listener, someone you trust…and allow them “hold your hand” through the process.

3. Take a step…even a tiny ONE. Clean out ONE drawer, donate ONE piece of clothing you haven’t worn in a year, make ONE phone call you have been avoiding.

4. If it’s something you’ve been avoiding you may likely feel scared, embarrassed, shameful, angry, sad, etc., etc., etc. It’s okay, it won’t kill you even if it feels really bad. Remember to breathe and feel the discomfort. Acknowledge it… “Hello, discomfort! I don’t like you but I am willing to share some space with you for a little while and then you are OUT OF HERE!”

5. Lather, rinse, repeat

It may not get easier right away…probably won’t. But, maybe it will!!! You won't know until you take a step. I promise, at some point, it will begin to feel good. You will feel more and more proud of yourself and, ONE step at a time,  you will feel safe with your NEW!!!