Tree Climbing

I love helping people. I thrive on simplifying their chaos. It’s a wonderful feeling to hear clints say “I can breathe again!” And so, we do whatever it takes to get the job done.

Pearl Concierge was assisting a client post-surgery. She was in a lot of pain. Her well-intentioned husband was around but she preferred Pearl Concierge to change her bandages, grocery shop, cook and drive her to her follow-up appointments.

Pearl Concierge drove our client one day after a long follow-up doctor appointmnt. She was in pain, tired, grumpy and very ready to get in her bed. As we pulled up to her house, it began to rain. Yes, really rain, in Los Angeles. 

I suggested she wait in the car so she wouldn’t get soaked and I would open the door for her. I asked her for her house keys. She looked. She looked again. No keys. She called her husband but no answer. “I don’t know why he has that damn phone. He never answers it” she told me.

I asked her to stay in the car and I would check the doors and hope (pray) something was open.

I checked the perimeter of the house. The rain came down heavier. I was soaked. All entry ways into this beautiful house were sealed shut. And then I saw it… a window…cracked just a bit. An open window…on the second floor of the house!

No problem.

I had a meeting after this client and I was in a dress and heels. No problem.

Just by the open second floor window, there was a tree.

And UP the tree I went, in my heels, in the rain, up to the second floor window of the house. I pried the window open and crawled in. Actually, I tumbled in, but I was in. Soaking wet, attacked by Dust Bunnies, Pearl Concierge was not deterred. Quickly down the stairs, out the door and to my car where my client looked up at me with eyes that radiated pain and just a faint glimmer of hope. I nod and she says “You’re an angel!”  

So when we say "If you don't see a service, please feel free to ask" now you know at Pearl Concierge, we will even climb up a tree for you.