Give It Away...

Give "It" away? What is "It?"

"It" is something you own and don't use or need anymore. It's very likely that "It" is something you love. It may seem impossible that we can love something and not need it. How can that be? If we love it, then we need it! Right? 

My personal and professional experiences tell me we sometimes when we feel like we need something it's because we've turned that thing into a person or memory. The feeling can be so strong it's palpable. Of course we don't want to give away a person or a memory that's special to us. 

Giving away my books stirs up strong feelings of loss in me. My mom loved books. I love my mom. I love books. My books are my mom. I miss my mom. I have tons of books and each feels like my mom. 

I recently cleared out my book shelves. It hurt. It was really hard for me to keep the books in the donation bags. I second guessed myself all the way to the library. My stomach hurt all the way to the library. Thinking about giving away books felt like I was losing my mom all over again again.

But, when I handed the bags of books to the librarian, I instantly felt SO good. My action freed me. I felt relieved and happy to share. I know my mom would feel happy too. With these books, someone will learn something, go on an adventure to a make-believe land or get lost in an ancient time. 

As much as we fear giving "It" away, when we do, we realize we didn't lose anyone or anything...we get something invaluable. We get to share and there is a special joy in sharing.

So, this week, take a look in your closets, pantry and garage. Fill a bag (or two or three) with things you don't use or need anymore. You may love them. You may feel sad. You may feel scared. You may feel torn inside and scared that if you give "It" away you will lose something precious.

Do it anyway.

On your way to donate your things, in your mind's eye, see someone loving the thing you are reluctant to give away. See their joy. There are so many people in need of things and in need of love.

Love is is an action and now is a really good time to give it away.