How To Simplify 2017... Today

I hope your holidays were full of much love and laughter!

And now here we are. We're “back.” Back to where we were before the holiday hustle began. We’re back, but now there is decidedly more stuff with us.

You’re not alone if you feel overwhelmed and anxious when you look around at your home which was was already “full” and is now overflowing with holiday decorations, your tree…or remnants of your tree, the big holiday pots and pans, gift wrapping supplies, gift wrapping from a gift you received which you just can’t throw away because it’s so pretty, new toys, old toys and all of the gifts yet to be put away because you don’t know where to put them. Why? Because you were looking for space before all this new stuff arrived.

You want to focus on how blessed you are…and you are. But it’s hard to feel blessed when you feel a lack of oxygen due to the walls closing in on you.

No worries. Here are a few “Pearls Of Wisdom” to SIMPLIFY your 2017.

  • BREATHE. That’s not a euphemism. Really take a moment and slowly breathe in and a few times. Not breathing causes a blurriness in our heads and it’s hard to think about what to do and where to start when your head is blurry. Understandably clean up and organization can feel very overwhelming, so breathe.
  • PLAY. Let’s use toys as an example since they have a way of taking over your house. (This game applies to most everything in your house.) SET A TIMER for 30 minutes and tell your kids you’re going to play “Let’s See How Fast We Can Gather up ALL  Of The Toys Into One Spot.”  Ready, set, go!!!
  • BREATHE.  You may feel overwhelmed by the mass of stuff you’ve gathered. You may be tempted to shove everything into a closet. But now is the time to breathe and look at each item, one by one. IF IT’S BROKEN…THROW IT AWAY.
  • DONATE. As you look at each item, consider the joy it has given you. Consider the joy it hasn’t given you. Some items are well used, some not used at all. Each item has a story. It may be the story of the someone who gave it to you. Maybe that someone is around all the time. Maybe that someone has passed away. You might not like the item but you loved the person who gave it to you. This is a wonderful time to talk with yourself, your spouse and your kids about things, sharing, balance and meaning.
  • PLAY. Time to play “Let’s See How Fast We Can Fill Up Donations Bags.” You will need just 30 minutes on the timer because you’ve already looked at each item. Encourage every family member to play. Set your timer for 30 minutes. Ready, set, go!!! FILL THOSE BAGS!

I hope you enjoy filling your car with your donation bags. I hope you enjoy the new space in your home, your mind and heart. I hope you enjoy imaging how much someone will enjoy the things you are sharing.

Please let me know how it goes. I look forward to your comments and questions. Here’s to a healthy, happy, simplified New Year!