Marilyn Weitz - Santa Monica, CA

Lauren was highly recommended by one of my family members so my husband and I hired her to drive us to and from the airport. We were both very pleased with her professional and personable manner.

I was looking for the right person to care for me after my upcoming surgery and, after meeting Lauren just twice, I knew I could trust her and feel comfortable with her in my home. I was right.

Just days after my surgery Lauren picked me up from the hospital and got me settled in. This was no easy feat as I was still in a great deal of pain and really needed a lot of assistance. I was bedridden the first week and Lauren, with her kind and gentle nature, helped me bathe and dress. She was up and down my stairs getting me things I needed from my bedroom. She did my marketing. She learned my kitchen and unpacked my groceries exactly where I wanted them. She made me some incredible "smoothies" in those first days when food wasn't appealing to me.  As my appetite increased, she prepared many delicious meals. In the evening, all my husband had to do was throw something on the BBQ and our tasty dinner was ready. She did my errands and, once I was feeling a bit better, she helped me into her car and took me where I needed to go. She has been a pleasure to be with. She's helpful, professional and nurturing while still allowing me my space. We've spent a lot of time together in the last few weeks and I am going to miss her. I may hire her to help me with some writing and computer work in the near future

I highly recommend Lauren for any number of services that you might need.

P.S. There is One thing I don't think you'll find on her list of services. Last week Lauren took me to do an errand. When she brought me home safe and sound, I realized I had forgotten my house key. She had an appointment and had to leave but she wouldn't leave me stranded. We searched around my home and found one open window. It was one of the rainy days last week. She climbed through the mud, up the tree and hoisted herself through my window! My hero! So...not that it happens all that often but you should know she's also very good at "breaking and entering!"

Kristal Lane, Kimberly Rosenfeld & Melissa Weinberg

Founders "Pier To Peer" Manhattan Beach, CA

This year I aspire to be more present with myself, my family and my friends. One important lesson I learned from 2011 was that it’s okay to challenge myself and take on new activities and responsibilities but that I am still only one person. If I find that from time to time I find I need assistance with some things so I can focus on other areas that is perfectly acceptable. I now tell myself this everyday. It really became apparent to me over the ever-so-busy holidays, that I could use some help. Fortunately for me, being apart of a wonderful network of successful women called SMARTY. I came across Lauren, founder and CEO of Pearl Concierge. 

Lauren was like a breath of fresh air during a very busy time in my life. She met with Kimberly, Melissa and I at our homes and discussed our long list of “to-do’s” we had at the time. To lessen our load and allow us to have the time to be more present and involved in other activities she took on several projects for us!  She was like our Christmas angel! She wrapped our gifts, stuffed and addressed holiday cards and completely organized a pantry for a family of five!

Give yourself the time and structure you deserve.  If you know of someone special in your life whom could also benefit from some professional assistance, Pearl Personal Concierge also offers Gift Certificates! Can you imagine the happiness and relief to receive the gift of time and simplicity? It’s a perfect gift for a new mother, a friend recovering from a surgery, someone who can’t run errands or has too many to accomplish on their own, getting ready for a big move or unpacking and figuring out how to best settle into a new place, or a person looking for an extra hand in planning a big event or vacation. The list goes on and on of ways Lauren can be of great service to you. Contact Lauren today to discuss a personalized service suited just for you.

Amy Swift Crosby  Founder SMARTY Los Angeles, CA

I always love to share when I've experienced a great service provider within the SMARTY community! Just before the holidays, I needed an extra hand and Lauren from Pearl Concierge Services was there on the double. Reliable, easy to reach, communicative- she really saved me time and energy with the pre-holiday scurry. I can imagine how useful her services must be too busy small businesses - check her out For all of you who do everything yourself, try asking for some help. It makes a huge difference.  Amy