Rabbi Mark Borovitz, Beit T'Shuvah, Los Angeles,CA.

Dear Friends and Colleagues, I have had the pleasure of knowing Lauren Pearl for many years. She has a warm soul and is a caring and involved supporter of Beit T'Shuvah. She has given her heart and time to mentor several of our residents here and has always been eager to help in any way she can. In her eagerness to help, she took on the task of helping me to organize my office. She moved the furniture, which created a much better working space for me to meet with clients. She also went through stacks of paperwork and files to help me better organize where things were and many people have commented on how nice a space my office has become. Pearl Personal Concierge is a natural extension of Lauren's personality. She cares and that comes through in what she does here and in the service that she gives to her clients. I highly recommend her for a variety of services. She's dependable, organized and professional. Lauren has offered to give Beit T'Shuvah 10% of any of the proceeds from business booked by anyone who comes to her through Beit T’Shuvah. Please be sure to mention us when you speak with her. Be well and thank you all for your continued support of Beit T'Shuvah. God Bless, Rabbi Mark