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Pearl Concierge Services provides professional, affordable and confidential assistance to our valued clients.

Our personalized services are suited to each client and their unique needs.

Our list of services is varied as our clients.

If there is a service you are interested in that you don't see, just ask.

Once we have had the pleasure of speaking with you, we design a personalized plan that fits you and your life.

No request is too large or too small. It is our pleasure to fulfill your requests. We take pride in taking away  

your stress, getting your To-Do List done and simplifying your life.

Please call us for a complimentary telephone consultation!       



Lauren Pearl, Founder & CEO

As Founder and CEO of Pearl Concierge Services, Lauren Pearl gets to help people. It’s one of her favorite things to do. Lauren is a listener. She’s a mom blessed with 4 amazing kids, a businesswoman and a lover of words. Words mean a lot to her… they tell a story and she wants to hear yours. 

It’s easy to see how much she cares and how much attention she puts into the details of assisting every client. It’s not so easy to see her intuition but it plays an essential part in the work she does. She recognizes and appreciates the unique qualities of every person she assists. Our clients come from every walk of life. They’re single moms, families and busy executives. They look to Pearl Concierge Services to simplify their lives. And that’s what we do.

If you ask, Lauren may tell you that she loved working in the crazy, deadline driven, creative worlds of entertainment and advertising. She’ll definitely tell you about her 4 adorable granddaughters. But mostly she’ll listen because she wants to know you and how she can help. 

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