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Happy National Checklist Day!

National Checklist Day is October 30th!

A Checklist (aka a To-Do List) is one of the most simple and yet important things we can for

our minds, bodies and souls. If you think that sounds like a big deal, it is! Here are 3 reasons

why the checklist got it’s own National Holiday...

1. PRODUCTIVITY. When you write out your Check-List, you’re taking cluttering out of your

mind and putting it on paper where you can SEE it! When you de-clutter your mind, you’re more

able to think clearly and get stuff done!

2. ACCOMPLISHMENT. Task by task, you’re getting it done! Feels great to check things off of

your list! With each task accomplished, take a moment and feel PROUD of yourself!

3. FREEDOM. The more you do your Must-Do’s, the more freedom you have to do your

Want-To-Do’s. What do you look forward to doing when you have some FREE TIME?

So in honor of National Check-List Day, get out your paper and pen and start writing! Write

everything that comes to mind. No censuring here. Just let everything flow out of your mind and

onto your paper. And now, one by one, start doing your tasks and checking them off your list.

Get ready for a huge boost to your feelings of productivity, accomplishment and freedom!

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