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Happy Thanksgiving!

Since we’re all about simplifying our clients’ lives, our Thanksgiving Tip to you is to keep it simple! It’s been a crazy year. Let’s all give ourselves a break and here are a few ways to do that…

• You’re allowed to not make as much food as you usually do.

• You’re allowed to wear your slippers all day.

• You’re allowed to do whatever makes this holiday sweet, enjoyable and stress-free.

On Thanksgiving day and every day, we want you to know we’re thankful to know you. We’re grateful for the trust you bestow upon us. We know it’s no small thing to open your homes and your lives to us. We love getting to know you and your wonderful families. It is our true honor and pleasure to be of assistance getting you organized, packed, moved and unpacked. We love helping to make your new house a home!

So from our homes to yours, we wish you a healthy and happy holiday. Be well and enjoy!

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