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Saying Goodbye to the Golden State...

Over the past months, we have packed and moved a record number of our clients OUT of California and unpacked them in their new homes in Arizona, Colorado, Ohio, Texas, Tennessee & Florida. You name the state and we’ve probably moved our clients there. Why? It’s not so complicated. Covid and the high cost of living are big factors in our current California Exodus.

Many of our clients moved to Los Angeles long ago for the weather and/or for “the business.” But lately, neither is as compelling as it used to be. Substantially more “buyer friendly” mortgages and being close to family are enticing many away from the Golden State. Covid has brought about a certain sentimentality and desire to be close to family. Even Native Californians are calling us to help relocate them. Our clients want a change...and moving to a new home in a new state is a change they can control.

Stress and anxiety often come from a lack of control over our environment. Covid has been unpredictable and scary so anxiety is understandably high. With the simple yet vital step of taking our temperatures before we start work and wearing gloves while we work, we help to de-escalate our clients’ fears. Then, step by step, we continue to lessen their anxiety and even increase their enjoyment of the process as we pack, remove trash, arrange donations, move and unpack them. One call to PCS and we simplify our clients’ moves out of California.

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